The inspire and initiator of setting a new municipal ballet school in Kyiv, the second one specialized educational establishment in Ukraine that studies and trains artists of ballet and dancing ensembles, was Yuri Oleksandrovych Stanishevskiy, a prominent figure of the national ballet art, Doctor in Arts, Professor, Corresponding Member of the Academy of Arts of Ukraine, President of the Ukrainian Association of Choreography of the National Music Union and President of the National Committee of the World Council of Dance of UNESCO, Honoured Worker of Arts of Ukraine. Yuri Stanishevskiy graduated and postgraduated in history of theatre faculty of the Moscow State Institute of Theatre Arts “Lunacharskiy” (known as GITIS or RATI-GITIS, russian abbreviation for “Russian Academy of Theatre Arts – State Institute of Theatre Arts) in 1963. From 1964 he worked as Head of the Department of History and Theory of Theatre Arts Institute of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. Yuri Stanishevskyy was the leading historian of ballet and ballet critic of Ukraine, the founder of the whole scientific school of historians of musical theater and choreography. In 1994, he initiated the establishment of the International Ballet Competitions “Serge Lifar” in Kiev and the International Dance Festival "Serge Lifar de la Dance" becoming their invariable art director. He is the author of numerous monographs and books on the history and theory of ballet, including in particular the following publications: "Pavlo Virsky" (1963), "Ukrainian ballet" (1963), "Masters of Ukrainian ballet" (1971), "The modern ballet" (1973), "History of ballet art" (1973), "Ballet Theatre of Ukraine" (1975), "History of Ukrainian musical theater (opera, ballet, operetta)" (1979), "The creative activity of Yuri Grigorovich and the world ballet" (1981), "Ballet Theatre of Europe. Trends of development" (1987), "Ballet of Ukraine" (1986), "The National Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre ‘Taras Shevchenko’" (2001), "Ballet theatre of Ukraine. 225 years of history" (2003), "Ukrainian ballet theater. The past and the present" (2008), "Serge Lifar and the ballet theater of Europe" (2009).

Yuriy Oleksandrovych Stanishevsky (October 28, 1936 - September 25, 2009), the founder of KMUAD “Serge Lifar”, Doctor in Arts, Professor, Honoured Artist of Ukraine.