Directions and patterns of educational activities of the choreography school Kyiv Municipal Ukrainian Academy of Dance Serge Lifar

KMUAD Serge Lifar has all appropriate state licenses and accreditation documents of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and the Main Department of Education and Science of Kiev City Administration and in accordance with them prepares specialists under speciality "Choreography". After four years of studies and training in specialization "classic" or "traditional choreography", the graduates receive a certificate of general secondary education and diploma of "ballet dancer" or "artist of dance ensemble" and for both majors disciplines, "teacher of choreographic disciplines".

The immediate plans of KMUAD Serge Lifar include the openning of classes of 5-9 grades of general education for students of choreographic school and expansion of training and educational areas through the new specialization "contemporary choreography". Eight terms primary dance school of KMUAD Serge Lifar is basic where the students get teaching practice. The school admits children of six or seven years old and they obtain initial choreographic education. After the dance school and on a competitive basis the best graduates enter KMUAD Serge Lifar, the only educational institution in Ukraine which prepares not only classical ballet dancers, but also professional performers for the groups of stage folk and modern dance. All students who successfully learn are paid with state scholarship.

For the first time in Ukraine in cooperation with leading educational establishments of Europe, KMUAD Serge Lifar has developed and launched successfully the program of continuous choreography learning. It has become a methodical center of innovative teaching dance disciplines. On the base of KMUAD Serge Lifar there are constantly held symposia, theoretical and practical conferences, seminars and masterclasses of famous personalities of world choreography such as Vladimir Malakhov (Berlin - New York), Vadim Pissarev (Donetsk), Alex Ursulyak (Zurich - Toronto), Evelyn Terry (Vienna), Ylze Liyipa (Moscow), Redgep Abdiyev (St. Petersburg) and others. The creative experience of KMUAD Serge Lifar has contributed to the birth of similar educational establishments, both in Ukraine and abroad.

KMUAD Serge Lifar has all necessary conditions for preparing highly qualified professionals: at their disposal there are eight ballet halls equipped with audio and video-audio equipment, classrooms and specialized rooms for group and individual lessons, library, classroom of technical means of training with computer classes and recording studio, sewing and costumes workshops, educational theater with the scene of special coating for ballet, modern lighting and sound equipment.

The teaching staff of KMUAD Serge Lifar is a team of professionals that includes doctors and candidates of sciences, professors and lecturers as well as Peoples and Honoured Artists of Ukraine, famous dance performers, most of whom were or are soloists of the National Opera of Ukraine, the National Folk Dance Ensemble Pavlo Virsky and many other leading dance groups of the country. The Classical Dance House is headed by Peoples Artist of Ukraine, choreographer, ballet-master and coach of the National Opera of Ukraine, Tetyana Beletska and the Folk Dance House, by Olexander Nesterov.


KMUAD Serge Lifar invites children of 6-7 years old to obtain initial choreographic education, and students who have always got such education and finished 9th., 10th. or 11th. grade of secondary school, to obtain basic choreographic higher education.

Information calls: + (38044) 530 87 57, fax: + (38044) 535 44 25