Folk Choreography House
Students of Folk Choreography House at the reporting concert at the National Opera of Ukraine. “Embroiderers”, choreography by P.Virsky.

At the source of the Folk Choreography House there was student of P.Virsky, Honored Artist of Ukraine M.P.Motkov (1930-2009). The Folk Choreography House is headed by O.M.Nesterov. The teaching process is carried out by: Honored Artist of Ukraine, choreographer of the National Dance Ensemble of Ukraine named after Pavlo Virsky V.P.Kolomeyets; Honored Worker of Culture of Ukraine L.I.Helun, leading pedagogues O.V.Holovko and N.M.Holovko, ex-soloists of National Honoured Academic Folk Dance Ensemble of Ukraine named after P. Virsky and other leading professionals such as V.N. Hachenko, V.M.Sabodash, S.O.Butenko, D.V.Baryshnyk, Y.V.Bobrovnyk..

Students of Honored Artist of Ukraine Mikhail Motkov in the classroom.
Students of the school-studio with the teacher-coach Nataliya Holovko.