Director of KMUAD “Serge Lifar”, Honored Artist of Ukraine A.Lyaguschenko; People's Artist of Ukraine V.Pyssarev; People's Artist of Ukraine, Head of Classic Dance House of KMUAD “Serge Lifar” T.Beletska; and ballet producer V.Hachenko with students of KMUAD “Serge Lifar”.

Students of KMUAD “Serge Lifar” and pupils of school-studio give constantly performances in their own school theater including charitable concerts for residents of Desnyanskiy District of Kyiv, as well as on professional stages of the National Palace "Ukraine", the opera studio of the National Music Academy of Ukraine named after P.Chaikovskiy, and Kiev Academic Opera and Ballet Theater for Children and Youth. At the National Opera of Ukraine, our students constantly give shows with reporting concerts, "Christmas Kids Dance Matinees" and their own ballet shows, participate in festivals "Serge Lifar de la Dance" and in art evenings "World of Dance". .

The art evenings "World of Dance" have familiarized Kievits to the art of such distinguished artists as following: soloist of Vienna Opera and New York Ballet, Ballet art director of Berlin Opera, Vladimir Malakhov; People's Artist of Ukraine, art director of Donetsk Opera and Ballet Theatre, Vadim Pyssarev; stars from Bolshoy Theatre, such as Lyudmila Semenyaka, Nina Semizorova, Ilza Liepa, Marko Peretokin; from St. Petersburg's Mariinsky Theater, Margarita Kulik, Lyubov Kunakova, Serguiy Vikharev, Volodymyr Kim, and many others. Along with the outstanding masters of choreography in these concerts there make performances many future stars, pupils and students of Classic and Folk Dance Houses of KMUAD “Serge Lifar”. Thus, in practice, threre are demonstrated advantages of continuous choreographic education when a child comes to learn choreography from the age of 6-7 years old and graduates highly qualified specialist with higher education.