Among the younger cozy park in Desnianskiy District of Kyiv there rises new modern palace: the new ballet school in Ukraine "Kyiv Municipal Ukrainian Academy of Dance named after Serge Lifar" (KMUAD “Serge Lifar”) set by the decision of the Kyiv City Council as the high art educational institution of the first grade of accreditation in 2001.

14 years ago by the crandle of KMUAD “Serge Lifar” there were staying prominent figures of choreography arts led by Yuri Stanishevskiy and rallied around the Ukrainian Academy of Dance at the National Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre of Ukraine “Taras Shevchenko”. Today KMUAD “Serge Lifar” maintaining very close ties with the National Opera of Ukraine is subordinated to the Main Department of Culture of the Kyiv City State Administration.

Its status of high educational institution is justified by its high pedagogical and artistic level and significant artistic achievements, as well as by the burning need for training highly qualified dancers of different segments and genres of dance to provide the leading professional groups of Kyiv and Ukraine by versatile artists who could perform both classical and modern choreography, and folk dance.

One of the founders of KMUAD “Serge Lifar” and its permanent director is Honoured Artist of Ukraine, associate professor of Kiev National University of Theatre, Cinema and Television “Karpenko-Kariy” Andriy Guennadiyovych LYAHUSHCHENKO.